Care Foundation is a UK registered Charity, Charity Number 1125279 set up to look into the needs of the Black and Minority Ethnic people and their participation in local activities. We are a charity set up for the benefit of black & minority ethnic communities in the United Kingdom, to provide activities for the under privileged who cannot access mainstream services due to barriers such as poverty, language, culture differences, fear and to act as a point of contact for them both in engagement and consultations and to educate them on how to become involved in the community where they live.

Care Foundation aims to achieve this by setting up projects that will enhance the quality of lives of African BME’s here in the United Kingdom and develop their sense of belonging.

Our aim is to empower young people with facts and information to help them make positive choices in life and influence others in the same way. Also to discourage the young people from engaging in crime by exposing the negative myths about the criminal lifestyle and to develop their leadership potential and redirect them to the right pathway.

 We aim to develop a network within the public, private and voluntary sector to enable integration within the community, also we would be a link between the African BME Community and the local Authority in decision making processes

We offer diverse support services to promote the general well being of young people going difficult times and families with children earning low or no income and Isolated older people who are disadvantaged and marginalised because they are from the BME group.



Our aim

To reduce social isolation, improve the health and well-being of older adults and to empower them to lead meaningful and connected lives in which they are engaged and participating in the community. We are committed to providing inclusive, interactive, and accessible programs that make a difference in the lives of seniors, promoting independence, a sense of belonging to a supportive community, and fostering a sense of purpose in life.

Services we provide are:

  • Adult day center (safe, comfortable, fun and social environment) for isolated older people from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community and the white community to come together to socialize , interact, build a network of friendship amongst themselves, once each week and use technology to connect them to the outside world by developing their ICT skills to enable them use the internet to send e-mails, to request for their prescription online and access other services available to them in the community.
  • We work with over 300 elders from Erith, Bexleyheath, Woolwich, Plumstead, Belvedere and Abbeywood, Dartford and Gravesham and our aim is to promote social inclusion and enhance physical and emotional well-being.
  • We run a weekly coffee morning that enables people over 65 years old to socialize, share stories and develop new friendship. There are regular healthy eating sessions, group walks and light exercise activities
  • At the day center there are various activities that are offered such as knitting with crochet, telling their stories, playing games together such as Ludo, monopoly and chess.
  • We provide one on one befriending and counselling service over the telephone and face to face…
  • Also we provide music entertainment for the older people and people with disabilities.
  • Not only that we organize outing to theme parks, cinemas, shopping mall etc
  • We provide regular food parcels such as groceries, fresh fruits, bread, cereal, dairies and regular delivery of essentials such as toiletries etc for older people, we drop on their doorstep.
  • We provide shopping support to the older people as well as assisting them to pick up their prescription from the pharmacy.


Isolated older people from the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic group and those from the White community mingle, socialise and interact with one another and to help to build a network of friendship amongst themselves, Also through our programmes we tackle isolation, depression and mental health issue faced by older people from the BAME communities whose first language is not English as well as those from the white community.

YOUNG PEOPLE – “Step up Youth group”

In the borough of Bexley and Greenwich, there have been various activities of young people that have become a form of concern for parents, teachers and mentors. Such activities include bullying, knife crime, verbal abuse etc.

In order to tackle the problems faced and expressed by disadvantaged BME young people in the borough of Bexley and Greenwich, we started a project known as “Step up Youth group” , which provide a safe, caring, youth-led space for disadvantaged young people from the BME group. They are able to learn, develop and build towards a brighter future. Also we have been able to help over 300 young people build their self confidence and self esteem.

We provide a social environment for young people from the BME people to socialise and interact with other young people from the Community in which they live. We offer a safe place for young people to be heard, have fun, learn new skills, gain employability skills and supported to develop positive relationships, enthusiasm for learning as well as encouraging youth workers to engage with them and open up in conversation to them

.We organise various activities (every Friday evening at 7pm), such as leadership sessions, dance, outdoor sports, film show, music, and more. This programme is very important to us because it attracts a high volume of young boys and girls from various cultural backgrounds

We provide a state-of the-art drop-in centre, decorated and equipped with the latest accessories to offer young people access to activities such as art workshops, music/DJ, recording studio, miming, talent shows, musical equipment training (keyboards, guitars or drums, saxophone etc), media workshops, amplifying, and concert productions.

At the centre, we  organise a weekly dance lessons in form of choreography and ballet as well as music lessons such as piano, guitar, drum lessons, and also invite  young people from other regions to share an afternoon or evening with the group, learning about each other’s interest through talent shows. Also we linked these young people to stage performance at festive seasons and during the bank holidays at the town centres, park and shopping mall.

We run various  workshop to educate young people on what is considered as anti-social behaviour and organise exercises that they can do at the centre to help them see the effects of antisocial behaviour, disorder on people.

We use creative ways such as dance, drama, song, rapping to inform young people of what antisocial behaviour is and the issues around it and addressing knife/violent crime along the way.

Dealing with the issue of NEET through Development of Skills and Entrepreneurship

Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) pose a huge problem in the United Kingdom; it has adverse consequences on society and the economy. It cost the UK millions of pounds each year. This cost to the taxpayer is very high and if this problem can be dealt with, getting almost 60% of young people off benefits and getting them into work could save the exchequer over £5m a week, this amounts to more than a quarter of a billion pounds a year. There are social and personal costs too.  NEETs are four times more likely to get involved in crime and drug abuse

Britain has an unenviable record in having so many young people who are not in education, employment or training – far higher than in the other major European economies

The fact that nearly one in ten of all 16-18 year-olds nationally are not in education, employment or training is therefore a major concern. Reducing the number of NEETs can help save money, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and improve life chances for young people.

We provide training facilities and support for young people classified as not in education, employment or training (NEETs) within the borough of Bexley and Greenwich. We provide them with vocational or skills training.

The program supports young people who are looking for work by sourcing appropriate training and/or providing quality employment opportunities across various employment sectors.


  • Young people who have been excluded from school will have improved relationship with adult, improved friendship skills, greater social confidence and more positive attitude to school.
  • This will enable young people of all cultures to enjoy working together towards a common goal and reduce racial tension.
  • Children and young BME people will be encouraged to find the right place to go to outside of their school environment where they can socialise with their right peer mates and provide positive activities for youth between the ages of 8-17 years old to engage them and prevent them from engaging in violent crime, hooliganism street fight, burglary and vandalism.


Too many graduates or young peolple who leave college do not have employability skills, that emplyers are looking for. At Carefoundation we address this skills gap and have trained over 300 ypoung epople leaving college and fresh graduates, as a result of this we have been able to secure quality jobs with major employers for them

Employabilty skills we provide include self management, Business and customer awareness

IT, Numeracy, Communication, Problem solving career knowledge and atitiude to work

We develop courses that play an important role in giving applicants the right knowledge to improve their skills